Would this subject matter be allowed?

2015-10-01 1:03 am PDT

Much appreciated for the replies. I am open to advice and would understand if this idea is a no-go. My aim would be to help develope both mindset and necessary skills to beat a particular format of the game. Google is willing to have AdSense ads that promote gambling sites, and you can have gambling articles if you have a premium AdSense account.

Thanks for any replies in advance, Luke.

2015-09-30 7:47 am PDT

vicdillinger said:

I do not agree with that policy, by the way, as I see prohibitions of any kind about gambling to be nothing more than vestigial Puritanism see my piece entitled “Deal ‘Em!: A History of Satan’s Playthings” as an example of what you CAN write when it comes to gambling).

2015-09-29 10:23 pm PDT

Hi there, would iB allow content in regards to online poker to be published?

I am a successful online poker player with graphs and stats to back up the informationi would put forward.

Good luck with your writing..

I’ll adjust my action plan for writing now, thank you :)

But, we are all playing in someone else’s back yard, so we gotta play by G’s rules.

It’s also hypocritical. In no way would i encourage people to take up poker or any matter of online gambling/gaming and would target current players looking to improve

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