New gambling record: Betting on outcome of Brexit vote

Spread betting, on the other hand, does not provide a simple win or lose outcome, but can provide payoffs based on the accuracy of the bet.

Such betting fever is normally associated with major sports events, with people here habitually placing wagers online or in betting shops on everything from horse races to football matches. “But my big win is to leave the E.U.”

E.U. The referendum also outmatches the 35 million pounds placed on the 2014 World Cup Final.

© 2016 The Associated Press. Ladbrokes has seen a tenfold increase in recent years.

LONDON — As if the stakes were not high enough in Britain’s nail-biting vote this week, people are betting record amounts of money on its outcome.

The bookies’ odds have largely been in synch with global financial markets. He was back in the betting shop this week to place additional wagers on behalf of three American friends.

“This is a historical event, and I want to take part in it,” said Can Zhao, an investment researcher who last week placed a 135-pound ($198) bet on “remain” at a Ladbrokes betting parlor near London’s Kings Cross train station.. That surpasses the 40 million pounds placed on the 2012 U.S. All Rights Reserved. But the importance, drama and uncertainty that have surrounded this vote have made it a spectator sport in its own right. It has become increasingly popular, particularly to bet on financial markets.

Thursday’s vote on whether to leave the European Union, which will have lasting consequences for the country and Europe, is due to break the record as the most bet-upon political event in Britain’s history. That’s particularly true since pollsters have missed badly in measuring sentiment before some of Britain’s most recent votes, the last general election and the Scottish referendum.

“If we are going to remain in the E.U., at least I will take compensation,” said Jones, who expects to get 3,000 pounds back in profit in such an event. referendum betting already hit a record for a political event days ago for Betfair, bookmaker BetFred and IG, the largest provider of spread betting services.

Betfair allows people to place wagers against each other rather than setting odds like the traditional bookmakers. presidential race, which was its previous record for a political event. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Polls suggest it is too close to call, while bookies give the “remain” side a higher chance of winning.

Betfair, bookmakers Ladbrokes and Paddy Power and the Betting Research Unit at Nottingham Business School all estimate that the total value of bets on the vote placed in Britain will reach, and likely exceed, 100 million pounds.

“This is comfortably the biggest political betting event in history and dwarves both the general election and the Scottish referendum,” says Lewis Davey, spokesman for Paddy Power, referring to the Scottish vote on independence last year.

Betting on political events used to be a niche area in the gambling industry but has become more widespread, particularly in Britain. The industry is expecting 100 million pounds, or nearly $150 million, to be wagered by the time the result is known in the early hours of Friday.

For Stephen Jones, 55, betting is a form of insurance against disappointment.

The betting has also gained the attention of global investors as a gauge of the likelihood of an event’s outcome. That’s reflected in financial markets, where stocks and the British pound are relatively buoyant one day before the big event.

Betting is his way to get in on the drama because as a foreign citizen from China he will not have a right to vote. While the polls show this week’s vote is too close to call, bookies like Betfair are giving the “remain” side a 76 percent probability of winning. He intends to vote to leave the E.U., but has placed bets on “remain” to at least get something in case of his side’s defeat.

Betting exchange Betfair says it had taken 45.8 million pounds in wagers on the E.U. vote as of Wednesday and expects a final amount of 50 million pounds

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Betting on baseball cards – Jul. 28, 2006

“This market has incredible potential,” he says. Take Cal Ripken Jr.’s 1982 Topps rookie card.

Steroids’ next victim: Baseball labor peace Top of page

Cards dating back to the turn of the 20th century that were produced as promotional items for ice cream, candy and tobacco companies are some of the hottest cards on the market right now, according to collectors.

Hope for future?

But many in the industry, like Madec, who is currently attending the National Sports Collectors Convention, is certain that is there is a future for this enduring hobby, despite its setbacks in recent years. “There’s always buyers and sellers for that material.”

But there is a lot of fickleness too, says Scott Kelnhofer, editor of Card Trade, the monthly trade journal for the sports collection industry

Even in good times, collecting is a tough hobby. In 1996, the year after Ripken broke Lou Gehrig’s record for number of most consecutive games played, a card in mint condition that had not been professionally appraised would have sold for $90. But with Ripken’s achievement faded from the minds of collectors, that same ungraded card would only fetch $40 today.

Then there are the cards from the 1970s and 1980s, which predate the card explosion, that some experts like Kelnhofer say could experience the next wave of popularity.

Currently underway in Anaheim, Calif., the four-day event will not only be a place for collectors to haggle over the value of their Lou Gehrigs and Jackie Robinsons, there’s bound to be a few collectors who reflect on how the hobby took a nosedive during the 1990s.

Dealers like Stephen Dickler, who runs SD Trading, located just outside of Philadelphia, says moves such as this could work, but it’s too early to tell. But that was until the card companies tried to get in on the fun. (See the most valuable cards.)

Andy Madec, a dealer based in Camarillo, Calif., remembers that time vividly.

What’s hot now

Earlier this year, the Major League Baseball Players Association lent their assistance, cutting in half the number of licenses it offers to card manufacturers in an effort to rid the glut of new cards on the market.

The hobby looks like it has rebounded from the doldrums of the 90s, but is there money to be made in collecting Aarons and Ruths?

Rookie cards of players like Mickey Mantle, who typified the golden era of baseball, are always in high demand among older collectors.

And in June, Major League Baseball and the players’ association teamed up with card manufacturers Topps and Upper Deck to launch the first ever National Baseball Card Day, giving out 500,000 card packs at hobby shops and retailers nationwide in an effort to promote the hobby.

Best baseball books . “Investors just need to hear it’s safe to go back in.”

Even though the hobby struggles to bring young collectors into the fold, there have been some promising signs for baseball card collecting as of late.

“It just got too out of hand,” says Madec, who runs his own firm, Andy Madec Sports Cards Inc. “There’s no guarantee it will happen,” says Dickler. “The vintage market is still the place for people to get involved purely from an investment standpoint,” says Kelnhofer. Flooding the market with multiple versions of new cards, the manufacturers drove down card values.

NEW YORK ( — Once a year, baseball-card collectors gather for the granddaddy of all sports collectible conventions – the National Sports Collectors Convention.

The market has been bouncing back, particularly vintage cards, those that date backs 25 years or more. “The questions are still out there as to whether it will have an impact or not.”

Up until the late 1980s and early 1990s, collectors were living in a golden age, says Madec – returns of 20 percent in just six months were not unheard of. “It turned people off.”

Most valuable cards

In fact, the fabled Honus Wagner card, which was produced by the Sweet Caporal Cigarette Company in 1909, is currently the most expensive card in existence, worth a cool $1.265 million. It boils down to a couple of simple principles — how many there are and what kind of condition the card is in.


“It’s a tricky thing,” Kelnhofer says

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Weight Training for Wrestling by Dickie White

“Hardcore” equipment like this exists at underground gyms and training facilities and if you’re a member of one of those, there’s a good chance you already have someone helping you with your training. Day 3 Weight Training for Wrestling

Deadlift- 5×5

Weight Training for Wrestling Workout (first week in Tom’s Summer Program)

Tricep Kickbacks- 3×10

Cable Row- 3×10

Superset- Bench Press 4×8 and Med Ball Pushups 3×8

Weighted Pullups- 3×10

Bench Press- 5×3

Day 1 Weight Training for Wrestling

Cable Row- 3×10

Incline Bench- 4×8

Squat- 5×3

The other day I was fortunate enough to have former Cornell Wrestling Strength Coach, Tom Dilliplane, send me a copy of his 16-week summer program. would be using them already? Anyway, that’s enough, lets get into some weight training for wrestling plans.

Dips- 3×10

Bicep Curls- 3×10

Deadlift- 5×5

Bicep Curls- 3×10

Dumbbell Incline Bench- 4×8

Second, there are a few systems and programs that are available that are absolutely fantastic. While some would say the program looked boring and repetitive (you would not believe the repetition of such exercises as the Bench Press, Squats, High Pulls, Weighted Pullups, and other exercises that many may consider to be plain and boring but obviously get the job done) the fact of the matter is this- it works. Look at all the infomercials out there for the “next biggest thing in fat loss” or whatever. There are two major issues that I’ve seen with weight training for wrestling programs in my years of experience.

Alternate Dumbbell Bench- 3×10

Day 4 Weight Training for Wrestling

Superset- Squat 4×8 and Dumbbell Walking Lunge 3×8 . As wrestlers we know the truth- nothing replaces good old fashioned hard work. This is the exact program he used over the summer of 2009, the summer before Cornell placed 2nd at Nationals and had 2 National Finalists. In addition, Tom used similar types of programs for the 10+ years he was at Cornell working with the wrestlers. Oftentimes people are after the next greatest thing. While I do believe that these are great ways to bridge the gap between traditional weight room strength and functional wrestling strength (I use them myself often with my wrestlers), I also understand that a majority of wrestlers reading this article do not have access to this type of equipment. Yes, those YouTube videos of someone performing a cool looking exercise with a big tire look cool. While there are some similarities, football players should be more focused on developing absolute strength, whereas wrestlers should focus their weight training on relative strength and power (strength per bodyweight).

Weighted Pullups- 3×10

Power Clean- 5×4

As the sport of wrestling continues to grow (with at least some thanks going to the increasing popularity of MMA), weight training for wrestling has become a very sought after. And that should be the same way you approach yourweight training for wrestling. But believe me, this isn’t the focus of the weight training for wrestling plans I have my wrestlers use. So for those of you who aren’t fortunate to workout at a well-equipped hardcore gym, keep reading, I have some great news for you…

Superset- Cuban Press 3×12 and Tricep Kickbacks 3×10

Power Clean- 5×4

Day 2 Weight Training for Wrestling

Please note that Tom bases all of his core movements (Squat, Bench, Clean, Deadlift, etc.) off of percentages of your max. Sticking to the tried and true barbell and dumbbell exercises that have withstood the test of time is what’s going to lead to the best results with your weight training for wrestling plan. Additionally, I think it’s worth considering the fact that if these new age styles of training were so groundbreaking and effective, don’t you think all the big wrestling schools like Iowa, Cornell, Iowa State, etc. However these weight training for wrestling plans consist of exercises with sandbags, kettlebells, tires, kegs, thick reps, and a lot of other training tools that most wrestler don’t have access to. These percentages and 2 more weeks of this program are included as one of 4 free gifts for signing up for my newsletter at

First, a great majority, especially those at the collegiate level, are basically offshoots of the football weight training program. I know, I post them from time to time

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A’s “Moneyball” strategy could be victim of own success

That’s humbling.”

. They look like the Goldman Sachs arbitrage desk,” he told the conference. But overall the changes in football and basketball are less widespread than in baseball.

“We’re trying to find micro-cap players and pay for future performance and eliminating paying top dollars for veterans whose peak performance is in the past,” he told attendees at Fortune magazine’s “Innovation Forum” in New York this week.

“Today the opportunities are diminishing quickly, and to me it’s a product of some extremely bright people running teams,” he said “In 10 years the front offices are going to look like arbitrage departments.”

Billy Beane says he’s an unlikely choice for being the business world’s favorite sports executive.

I suggested to Beane that it was the salary cap and revenue sharing in football and basketball that have slowed the adoption of his methods in those sports, that without as free a market, and as great a disparity in payrolls, there isn’t nearly the incentive to shake things up and go against the “old boys club,” as he describes the former look of the baseball front office.

“The front offices no longer look like good-old-boys clubs. Beane was able to get some high on-base percentage players at bargain prices.

But while baseball is changing in this way, the nation’s other team sports are making far less moves towards changing the way they operate.

And win they did, as the team has the fifth best record in baseball since he took the reins in 1998, and is only a win or two behind a couple of the biggest spending teams during that time: the Boston Red Sox and St.

“I don’t know anything about cricket, but I guess Australia and India are like the Yankees and Red Sox and New Zealand is the Oakland of cricket,” he said with a laugh.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) –

“The market has significantly corrected itself,” he said. Having less than your competitor is never an advantage.”

But the general manager of the small-revenue Oakland Athletics has become just that. “That’s flattering. “We just didn’t have a choice. He became famous outside the world of sports fans when he was subject of the 2003 book “Moneyball” by Michael Lewis.

Five years ago most fans and executives paid attention to a hitter’s batting average, which said how often they got a hit to reach base, rather than his on-base percentage, which said how often they reached base by hit or walk. Two of his former assistants, neither of whom played ball, have become general managers on other teams, and the Red Sox won their first championship in 86 years using greater reliance on statistical analysis.

“It wasn’t that we were innovative,” he told the group. “At some point, the disadvantage of being a small-market team is that the inefficiencies will be weeded out. Louis Cardinals.

Changes limited outside baseball

The only team from outside of baseball to pick up the phone and call Beane to ask for advice is the national cricket team of New Zealand, which sent a group of executives to Oakland to shadow Beane and his staff and learn their lessons.

Beane faced a lot of hostility to his calls to change the way the talent is judged, particularly from scouts and other executives who felt threatened.

“Robert Rubin wrote me a letter,” he said. “On-base percentage is the now the highest paid statistic in the game.”

The NBA’s Seattle Sonics has made a greater push for unique statistical analysis to give the team an edge. We had the change the dynamics to keep up with the other teams.”

“Do I wish everybody in baseball had the same amount to spend? Absolutely,” said Beane. “In 10 years I won’t be able to apply for this job.”

Afterwards, Beane told me he’s amazed by the recognition that he’s gotten from the world of business since Lewis’ book.

The book detailed how Beane and other executives at the hand-to-mouth A’s used statistical analysis rather than just traditional scouting methods to identify and acquire under-valued players who could help their team win.

Because of those shifts, Beane said it’s only going to get tougher for the small-revenue team to make up for their limitations by being smarter and finding value.

And he said that the sometimes grudging acceptance of his methods of using statistical analysis to determine how to build a winner has changed the market for players and made things tougher for small-revenue clubs such as his.

For more on the business of sports, click here.

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But Beane’s modesty when speaking to executives at the Fortune forum also seemed to confirm that a competitive disadvantage found in baseball more than football or basketball was the mother of his form of innovation.

For a look at baseball’s upcoming spending spree, click here.

Beane said he’s convinced his methods would work even better in leagues with those restrictions on the labor market.

For view of the “Moneyball” theory when the book first came out, click here.

The A’s strategy of using more statistical analysis has spread across the sport, as teams turned to young college-educated analysts rather than former players to make decisions on players

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Dating: Relationship Red Flags

The person needs to be acceptable to you as he or she is. If you have a trust issue in general, then you might want to deal with your issue.

6. The more you become a person who is loving to yourself and capable of sharing your love with others — rather than a person who is intent on getting love — the more you will attract someone capable of a loving relationship.

3. It’s a long list, but certainly not exhaustive. The person becomes angry, critical or withdrawn if you say no.

This is another symptom of narcissism. They will change if they want to, but you can’t make them change.

9. That’s when you can get into relationship trouble. The person lacks empathy and compassion.

If the person is in a lot of debt, or tries to “borrow” money from you, beware. In a relationship, this person will blame you for his or her unhappiness.

He or she tries to make you feel that you are wrong for your feelings or your position. The person is judgmental of self and others, talking about self and others in disparaging ways.

15. If this person is not open to healing their judgmentalness, then this will become an increasingly major issue in your relationship.

12. The person has no close friends and is not close to family.

Without an openness to learning about themselves and you when there is conflict, there is no way to resolve conflict.

18. This can make for a very challenging relationship.

It’s not always easy to determine if someone is lying or withholding the truth. The person is not open to learning from relationship conflict.

This is a person who does not love him or herself, and therefore cannot love you.

10. Some of these items might not be deal-breakers for you; if the issue is okay with you, then there is no problem.

Over the many years of working with thousands of people looking to find a committed relationship, I’ve discovered numerous red flags that may indicate future problems. You need to trust your feelings here. The person is an older man or woman who has never been married and has been in a series of broken relationships, or has had numerous broken marriages.

Again, another symptom of narcissism.

Below is a list of some of the red flags I’ve discovered. The person has totally different views and values from yours in important areas such as religion or spirituality, politics, child rearing, health and nutrition.

Abandoning one’s children — other than giving up a baby for adoption — may indicate lack of empathy. Many of my very kind clients, in trying to help their partner, have been used and burned by loaning money, or by allowing their partner, who is not earning money, to live with them. The person participates in addictions that are unacceptable to you — smoking, drinking, drugs, addictive eating, gambling, TV and so on.

A person with few hobbies or interests may be a person who is dependent on others for their sense of self, and may be very demanding in a relationship. The person talks on and on about himself or herself and doesn’t ask much about you, or is uninterested when you do talk about yourself.

For more by Margaret Paul, Ph.D., click here.

2. If this person cannot feel pain for your pain and joy for your joy, you will end up feeling very lonely in the relationship. But, don’t expect to be able to change the person. See if you can identify personally with any of these red flags.

8. The person is financially irresponsible.

For more on relationships, click here.

This Blogger’s Books and Other Items from…

This is another symptom of narcissism. This is another narcissistic trait: the belief that only his or her feelings and opinions are valid, and that differences pose a threat.

Connect with Margaret on Facebook: Inner Bonding, and Facebook: SelfQuest

We all bring our unhealed wounds with us into our primary relationships, often projecting our parents or other caregivers onto our partner. If he or she gets upset when you do your own thing, then you need to accept that it is more important to that person to control you than to care about you.

17. The person takes no responsibility for their own feelings.

4. Relationships are hard enough without dealing with conflict in these contentious areas.

This person is a victim, blaming others for his or her feelings and circumstances. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a parent from seeing their children, or a parent might come to the painful realization that it is not in the child’s best interest to be involved with them. He or she just wants you to keep your attention on them.

This is one of the symptoms of narcissism. While this person may blame the other person for the problems, or claim that he or she has just never met the “right” person, it always takes two to create relationship problems. is a relationship expert, best-selling author, and co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding® healing process, recommended by actress Lindsay Wagner and singer Alanis Morissette, and featured on Oprah. Narcissists can be very intense in their pursuit, and many of them have learned exactly what to say to pull you in, such as, “I’ve never felt as connected with anyone else as I feel with you,” or “You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. This person is not interested in you or your feelings. Unless this person has had a good amount of therapy and personal growth since the last relationship, a series of broken relationships or marriages may indicate that he or she doesn’t know how to have a loving relationship.


. The person has abandoned his or her children.

7. You sense that the person is not honest.

13. As you read this list, don’t just focus on the other person. Narcissists need constant attention and often become very upset and punishing if you don’t give them what they want.

People get together at their common level of woundedness — i.e., their common level of self-abandonment. The person becomes logical and tries to talk you out of your feelings or your experience. Very often, when the person I’m working with has moved ahead with the relationship, one of these issues — which might not have seemed huge at the beginning — becomes a major problem leading to the demise of the relationship.

Again, don’t expect that you can get the person to change. To begin learning how to love and connect with yourself so that you can connect with others, take advantage of our free Inner Bonding eCourse, receive Free Help, and take our 12-Week eCourse, “The Intimate Relationship Toolbox” – the first two weeks are free!

These areas can become major battlegrounds.

5. But, if someone does not care about their children, then they likely have a deep problem with caring about themselves or others. The person comes on strong at the beginning of the relationship, and tells you exactly what you want to hear.

14. The person was abused as a child and has not had therapy or done sufficient inner healing work.

A jealous, possessive person is a person who is very insecure. He or she gets upset when you do your own thing.

16. I can see that no one has ever really seen you.” For many narcissists, the pursuit is everything and once they have you hooked, they are either off to another pursuit, or they become more and more demanding of you.

There is always a reason that a person has no friends and is not close with family, and the reason might be important for you to know.

If you identify with any of these red flags, then you have inner work to do before you are ready for a committed loving relationship. The person has few interests and hobbies.

11. The person is possessive and jealous. If you consistently feel that you are not being told the truth, and you have not been concerned about this in other relationships, then trust your feelings.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D

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The Advantages of Forex Arbitrage Calculators

This correction can happen very quickly. However, one should understand that the difference is only temporary, as the market will need to correct its prices so that there is equality in prices of the currencies. Before getting the real software, it is best to look at the free demo and try out their trial versions to ensure that the software is suitable to your needs and is truly reliable.

In Forex arbitrage, a trader basically buys a currency from one market and then sells it off at another. The Forex arbitrage calculator can be widely found in the Internet and can be downloaded for free or a fee.

The good thing with the Forex arbitrage calculator is that it can do what a human cannot do. Thus, it is important for a trader to quickly detect such opportunities, make the necessary calculations, decide if the differences is worthwhile, and then trade. In other words, in terms of the human problems with speed, efficiency, and accuracy, the calculator can overcome. For traders who want to do well in Forex arbitrage, this calculator is an important tool to maximizing their gains. However, with the presence of the Forex arbitrage calculator, this problem can be overcome.

. This process, if done manually, will require time and patience, which means you may lose the opportunity if you are not quick enough. The market in which it buys from will have a lower price quote of a currency than the market it sells to, allowing the trader to gain profit from the differences that occur between the two markets. The calculator basically helps to identify arbitrage opportunities through its calculations. It is also more accurate in its calculations than humans are. They work on real time and keep you accessible to the quotes of different currency pricings, there and then

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Red Drum Fishing Tips and Techniques

Setup up on the up-current side of structure, and let your chum line drift back to the structure to attract the reds and/or baits to your location. Red fish will readily take a variety of live baits. Many red drum are caught each year on live shrimp, crabs and blood worms as well.

Live bait is fished either free-lined, under a popping cork, or on a slip-lead rig. It is important to keep slack in the line for the same reason. A free-lined bait is a better choice for clearer shallow waters during the day. If you are fishing with chum, drift a chunk back through the chum line with no weight on it to improve your chances of a hook up.

If you don’t use chum, you need to get your baits to the redfish. Use a mix of cornmeal and bread balls to get the bait fired up. Any type of structure can have reds near it, but oyster beds, grass beds, sandbars, and dock pilings are usually your best bet.

If you are going to go the chumming route, I suggest waiting until you have the fish fired up in the chum line before drifting back a bait. Each state has different rules, so be sure to check your state’s laws before using any species of crab as bait. Give the can a shake every now and then and you are on your way. Punch a few holes in the top of the can, and suspend it in the water. Work the lee-side of bars and pilings for best results. Good choices for trolled baits are shrimp (hook them through the horn), Mullet and other hardy baitfish.

A couple of notes about using crabs for bait. If a red drum picks up the bait and immediately feels pressure it may drop the bait rather than eat it.

Live bait is a great way to target redfish. A 24-36 inch leader is ideal. Leave a bit of slack in the line just as you would with live baits to allow the red to pick up and eat the bait.

Live-bait trolling can be a very effective way of finding redfish, especially when they are scattered. Your trolling speed should be just enough to maintain steerage, about 1kt or less. Alternately, you can chum up the bait fish that the reds like to feed on. Keep them way from structure, otherwise they will hole up in cover and never be eaten.. A slip lead should be used when either fishing deeper water, or in areas with a lot of current, to keep the bait down in the water column and in the strike zone.

Live bait tactics

Use shrimp heads, ground fish, or ground crab meat mixed with cornmeal to attract them. If you don’t feel like messing with ground fish or menhaden oil a couple of cans of cat food can make a respectable chum line. While I’m not sure it has any effect on the bite, removing the claws does make it a lot easier to handle the baits. When fishing deeper water structure with a slip lead, fish the lee side (down current) and leave a little bit of slack in the line once the lead hits the bottom. If you are having trouble with ‘trash’ fish eating the baits and are targeting bull reds, a butterflied bait may be too large for them to eat, while the big red will have no problem swallowing the bait.

Crabs should be kept on short leash as well. Still, after the fish is on a light jerk can ensure a good hook set.

Redfish are easily enticed to take a variety of dead baits as well. A popping cork is the preferred method in shallow water with low-visibility or at night. By pulling the bait fish away from their hiding places you provide the reds with a chance to feed.

Dead baits are almost always fished on a slip-lead setup, to keep the bait in one spot, allowing the scent to draw the redfish to it. If you aren’t sure you will use all the crabs you have for bait and plan on releasing them after fishing using a rubber band to keep the claws closed can lead less pinched fingers when getting a new bait out of the live well or bait bucket.

The exception to this is if you are fishing a chum slick. Menhaden milk or oil is also a good attractant. You also want to use a free-lined bait when chumming so that your bait drifts back naturally with the chum. Once the fish hits the line will come tight, and by using circle hooks the hook will set itself. When using crabs for bait, some people like to remove the claws to improve hit rates. Crabs generally don’t make a good choice when trolling.

Dead Bait For Reds

Redfish respond well to chum. Troll along the edges of grass beds, sandbars, oyster bars and other redfish holding structures. Simply run the hook into the socket from where you removed the claw. And removing the claws also provides a convenient place place the hook. Look for them near structure. Peeled shrimp is another favorite. Croakers, menhaden, spot, pinfish, mullet and small scaled sardines are all good choices for redfish. In shallow water a trolling motor is even better, since it doesn’t disturb the fish the way a gas/diesel engine will. Chunks of mullet or other bait fish work well. First, make sure that any crab you use for bait is legal

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The Negative Influences of Media on Society You Never Thought About

Newspapers, television and the Internet are used to convey social messages. Blind Imitation

Fact-Fantasy Confusion

The negative effects of media on children are manifested in terms of their changing mental setup and the declining quality of their lifestyle. The reel entertains only till its difference from the real is understood. The ‘awakening’ does not reach everyone or it reaches the masses in the wrong way. Don’t take media portrayals by their word. When the two worlds mix, life becomes difficult.

Right-or-Wrong Dilemma

Health Problems

Information Overload

Changed Outlook

Media is held responsible for the change in eating habits of teenagers and the unhealthy lifestyle they are adopting. Advertisements carry subliminal messages influencing buyers’ psychology, or carry direct messages that bear a negative influence. They will only make the negative influence of media more obvious.

Your role models are people that the media exposes you to. Any publicity is good publicity, you begin to feel.

The media is so overwhelming that the masses end up believing everything it says/shows. Instead, watch good programs that carry healthy content, engage in positive activities, and encourage others to do the same.

Media portrayals give rise to stereotypes, affecting your mindset. Thus, all the time, you are glued to some form of media. When this thought grips the minds of youngsters, they take to fad diets or turn to cosmetic surgeries to get that so-called perfect body. News sources often bombard you with the same negative stories over and over again, in order to increase the impact. The media is constantly bombarding us with information. This can, and has led to increasing cases of anorexia. But isn’t it too much to blindly believe that they exist? Fiction is amusing only till the distinction between fact and fiction is clear. You want to do everything that people from the glamor world do, you want to be like your favorite celebrity. In a survey done on fifth graders by the National Institute on Media and the Family, it was found that kids had become dissatisfied with their bodies after watching a video of a certain very popular artiste and a certain scene from a popular TV show (names omitted on purpose).

The media has, in its own way, changed people’s outlook towards life. You ask me why? Well, because there are these junk food advertisements everywhere. The benefits of following a balanced diet are not being hyped anywhere. With the intent of stressing their point or for grabbing greater attention from the masses, media hypes or exaggerates things to a certain degree. So there is a section positively influenced by the media while there are others who take the wrong message from it. Media highlights controversies and scandals in the lives of celebrities. There is no denying their amusement value or entertainment quotient. Due to the oh-so-alluring media, most of their time is spent glued to the television, reading celebrity gossip, listening to something sensational or wandering aimlessly on the Internet. Media is everywhere, affecting every aspect of life.

While a certain amount of exposure to media is essential for introducing ourselves to the world outside, excessive exposure, uncontrolled access and belief without thought won’t lead us anywhere. The media does play a role in portraying thin as beautiful and fat as ugly. You want to wear the LBD just because you are a fan of Coco Chanel. Lack of physical activity leads to obesity problems. But unfortunately sometimes, the message is misconstrued. This makes the overweight feel out of place. You want to wear the shade of nail polish Lady Gaga wears for that frantic gaga look. Parents and teachers have a big role to play in selecting what the young should see and what they should not.


Unhealthy Lifestyle. No one’s propagating the importance of exercising to keep fit. This affects kids and teenagers the most, as they are exposed to things they might interpret wrongly or may not even understand at that age.

The media in itself is so addictive that once glued to it, you tend to forget everything else. Haven’t you had experiences of a bad dream after watching a violent movie? Or of imagining something scary happening to you after watching a horror film? Or a sudden fear gripping your mind after reading about a murder in your city? The reality should be depicted but not so gaudily that it’ll have a lasting impact on people’s minds.

Media has negative effects on the physical and psychological well-being of society. It’s not possible to insulate yourself completely from the effects of media, even if you limit the exposure. This leads to a notion that thin is sexy and fat is not. Children should invest more time reading good books, studying, playing outdoors and exercising. For example, the negative effects of addiction are portrayed through advertisements. Not everyone is able to filter that element. Put things in perspective, and don’t let the media influence you to do the wrong things.


The negatives in society are highlighted with the purpose of awakening people about them. Media is exposing the masses to fast food products, canned food, fad diets, and energy drinks. When you are not watching TV, you are surfing the Internet, when you are not on the web, you are reading newspapers, when you are not reading anything, you are listening to something. Watching TV or browsing the web late night is spoiling the sleeping habits of many.

To some extent, media is responsible for generating negative feelings among those exposed to it. But the negative effects are not conducive to a healthy society. Just like them, even you want to be in the news. Use your judgment before following or falling for anything. Media is the interface through which millions look at the world outside. It has led to a general opinion that size-zero is the in thing and fat and chubby are out. Media claims to depict the ‘today’, but not all types of media show only the truth. And there are so many things you see around you, without choosing to watch them. People spending hours in front of a television or surfing the Internet experience eye problems. The bad is overinflated and the good goes unnoticed. Sometimes, small incidents or events in the lives of celebrities and politicians are hyped, in order to make them more sensational. Sometimes, little things are blown out of proportion thus changing the way they are perceived by the audience. It influences their behavior both positively and negatively. Most believe everything to be real, especially kids and teenagers.

Media Addiction

The Solution

The solution to avoiding the negative influence of media lies in limiting media exposure and choosing what to watch. They are ready to starve themselves to lose weight. Aren’t there ghost and vampire stories that media claims as real? These characters enter our world through books and movies. And that’s how impactive media is.

Women with petite bodies and girls with a barbie figure are always shown to be more popular or attractive while the overweight are portrayed as less popular, having less friends and being bullied. Those at a vulnerable age, especially children and teenagers, are highly influenced by anything that is put before them in a jazzy way. Depiction of the bad has a negative impact on kids not mature enough to interpret what they are being shown. You want to be someone, but not yourself! And now you say media does not influence you! Oh come on, it surely does! Mass media does affect the way in which masses think and act. As a responsible adult (parent or teacher), exercise control on the media exposure that kids and teenagers get. To get rid of a big nose or to get those big pouty lips, teenagers are ready to go under the knife.

When you try to imitate your role models from the glamor industry, do you give a thought to whether you are doing right or wrong? It is often seen that young girls and boys imitate celebrities blindly. But media did play a role in propagating these characters and making them seem real. How far do we go to check its authenticity? How deep do we dig to get to the root of something that’s making news? How critically do we judge the reality of reality shows and the truth behind true stories? We don’t think, we believe. It’s not just media to be blamed in this case. An early exposure to bold or violent films, books publishing adult content and news portraying ugly social practices has a deep impact on young minds. With a ‘world’ of information and entertainment waiting on the other side of a computer or TV screen, it’s not unnatural for anyone to spend hours exploring it; it’s addictive. The masses fall for this being-in-the-news and end up imitating celebrities without much thought. But there are advertisements of expensive exercise equipment, and weight and fat loss programs. The impact of media is such that the wrong, the controversial, and the bad is more talked about. And not just children, the unpleasant can impact even an adult’s mind. The craze for models or actors and actresses, makes teenagers want bodies and facial features like theirs. Adults may have the maturity to distinguish between the good and the bad, but bombarding only the bad can affect anyone at least at the subconscious level. Refrain from watching such programs or news. Media influences public opinion and impacts the choices that people make. What is shown with an intent to ‘spread a message’ ends up becoming a bombardment of the bad, the ugly. At that age, they are attracted to anything that’s flashy and anything that can make news.

Vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts – where did they come from? Fairies, superheroes, angels – where did they come from? It’s not only media to be blamed, as these characters belong to folklore. Here, we will try to understand how media influences us negatively.

Wrong Message

You want to imitate an action sequence just because your favorite action hero looked ‘cool’ doing it. This is leading teenagers to adopt unhealthy eating habits. There’s no one advertising the benefits of eating fresh fruit everyday, no one’s promoting drinking 8 glasses of water daily. You want to sport your favorite actors’ hairstyles and you want to walk like those ramp models do. Don’t believe in them without thinking. The positive effects are surely celebrated by one and all. If children are bombarded with fight sequences, stunt work, sex and rape scenes, suicides and murders through books or movies, they are bound to leave a scar on these impressionable minds. An inferiority complex and lowered confidence in people with not-so-perfect bodies can lead to eating disorders. The only way to shield yourself from them, is to not allow them to influence you. Media sources are so many in number and all of them so convincingly make their point, that it is hard to distinguish between right and wrong. We don’t judge, we get influenced. It is bombarding you with content, news, information, gossip, rumors – it is exposing you to everything it has, some things necessary, some not; some things important, some not, some things you want to ignore, some things you cannot. Media influences them negatively

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Sports News, a Rapidly Emergent Source of Entertainment

Jim Hardy is an experienced writer, having an experience of years on writing such topics. Event based and tournament related news are being updated now over the web and on the other media sources round the clock. Introduction of wealth and a concept of prestigious recognition in sports have made sports journalism as profitable business. Sports news and coverage are on the increase in their importance as well as volume every single day. Also, such kind of supportive activities are acting as great source of sport promotions.

Sports news portals, channels and print media are making high profits from sports journalism. . It is just because of boost in wealth, fame and recognition.

Ticking score boards, tight match situations, ties in tournaments all are the thrills of sports which have gone now a very effective source of entertainment. These journalists do travel along with teams and are always keen to know stories behind the information, as it is much insufficient to be just informative for something you have to present as a source of entertainment to your viewers. Now you can be well aware of whatever happening in different matches, competitions and tournaments of the sport of your interest.

Stories about players, teams and words form coaches are now making sport news a fully entertaining stuff. Jim Hardy is currently running his personal blogs and has presented his knowledge on various platforms.

Author’s Bio: 

A number of sports channels and sports magazines are dedicated to provide viewers with the latest round up and updates of sports events going on over the globe. Being efficient in bringing all the sport viewers to an exciting exposure of what’s happening every single moment in various sports in different parts of world, sport news have become an emergent source of entertainment. Match reviews, expert opinions, current rankings of different players and teams related to various sports are making people more and more prudent to understand and get equipped with sport sense. By the advent of information technology, now nobody has to think about any sport event that one has missed due to work or any other commitment. However, fuss of Sport News agencies and their quantitative approach has emerged a strong urge of qualitative and much professional sports journalism.

Sports News is now going to be an essential component of all the news related media. To perform well in such a scenario requires a high level of professionalism. In fact it is not an easy job, some clubs and sport agencies are much strict and harsh upon sports news persons. Sports journalists have to work through with great commitment and professional ethics in order to get updates and stories from players

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