Nepal Official Blasts Qatar For Not Letting World Cup Workers Go Home For Earthquake Funerals


Workers on a construction site of one of Qatar’s World Cup stadiums. “While workers in some sectors of the economy have been given this, those on World Cup construction sites are not being allowed to leave because of the pressure to complete projects on time.

“They have lost relatives and their homes and are enduring very difficult conditions in Qatar. This is adding to their suffering.”

The Qatari government said that it had given more than 500 workers permission to return to Nepal temporarily (under the country’s labor system, workers cannot leave Qatar without permission from their employers or the government), but Gurung countered that there are “far more than 500 Nepalese working on different World Cup construction sites.”

Qatar Won’t Let Nepalese World Cup Workers Go Home For Earthquake Funerals

by Travis Waldron Posted on May 24, 2015 at 11:16 am

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“Qatar Won’t Let Nepalese World Cup Workers Go Home For Earthquake Funerals”

CREDIT: (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

But despite announcing reforms to its labor system last year, Qatar has made little progress in actually instituting them, according to international labor and human rights groups. Blatter has previously said that businesses in Qatar “are responsible for their workers and not FIFA.” He has also lauded the country for producing “better conditions” for workers.


facebook icontwitter iconWorkers on a construction site of one of Qatar's World Cup stadiums. None, however, has suggested that its sponsorship would be affected in the absence of major reforms before the World Cup.. FIFA president Sepp Blatter, however, has largely remained silent on the problems facing the nation's migrant workers since it awarded the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. Qatar has allowed some workers to return to Nepal briefly, but has denied that opportunity to those working on construction projects related to the 2022 World Cup, The Guardian reported.</p>
<p>Amid pressure from activists, Coca-Cola, Visa, and Adidas, three of FIFA’s biggest corporate sponsors, last week issued statements saying that they were concerned about working conditions in Qatar. </p>
<p>Qatar Won’t Let Nepalese World Cup Workers Go Home For Earthquake Funerals | ThinkProgress</p>
<p>“After the earthquake of 25 April, we requested all companies in Qatar to give their Nepalese workers special leave and pay for their air fare home,” Tek Bahadur Gurung, the Nepal labor minister, said. One recent estimate showed that 62 workers would die for each World Cup game played in the country.</p>
<p>Nepal’s labor minister this week blasted the government of Qatar for not letting Nepalese migrant workers return home for funerals of those who died in the earthquake that rocked the country in late April. Tags:<br />
QatarWorld Cup</p>
<p>Gurung said the Nepal government wants to work with “the Qatari government and bodies like FIFA,” international soccer’s governing body, to improve working conditions for laborers. </p>
<p>Nepalese migrant workers make up a significant portion of Qatar’s labor force and have suffered some of the worst consequences of the country’s restrictive labor system, which international organizations have likened to “modern slavery.” A 2014 report from the International Trade Union Confederation estimated that 4,000 migrant workers could die as part of the World Cup construction efforts; in December, The Guardian revealed government documents showing that Nepalese workers died at a rate of one every two days last year</p>
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Are ‘Mini-Nukes’ The New Big Thing?

wants to stop proliferation.

The move to clear the legal hurdles on manufacturing mini-nukes is part of a broad review of U.S. Others contend that making more bombs is a bad idea if the U.S. Two had been recovered and three were still missing as of 5 p.m. According to Sen. ET Sunday.

AP Photo/Canadian Press/Tim Krochak

“One way you ensure that there are no safe havens is to be able to go deep,” said Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, asked recently.

A kiloton is equal to the explosive force of one thousand tons of TNT. A bomb of just one kiloton, detonated 30 meters below the earth, can open a crater wider than a football field, according to Princeton physicist Robert W.

CAROUSEL – People watch as water breaches a rock wall at Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada, Sunday, August 23, 2009. The Little Boy bomb dropped on Hiroshima delivered around 15 kilotons. conducted its last nuclear test in 1992, and while the White House opposes the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty — which the U.S. All rights reserved.

But the administration says smaller nuclear arms may eventually be needed to deal with the emerging threat of rogue states hoarding weapons of mass destruction.

The Foster Panel, which studied the testing issue last year, recommended improvements that would allow a test within three months to a year of deciding to do so. development of low-yield nuclear weapons.

The Bush administration may get permission to create kinder, gentler or at least smaller nuclear weapons if Congress overturns a ban on doing so.

The defense appropriations bill now winding its way through the Hill contains a clause revoking the 1993 Spratt-Furse amendment, which prohibits the development of so-called “low-yield” nuclear weapons – bombs that pack a punch of less than five kilotons.

By Jarrett Murphy


At the same time, however, last month the United States produced a plutonium pit — the core of a fission bomb — for the first time in 14 years. policy on nuclear weapons, which has included:

Bunker busters — For the second year in a row, the Energy Department is requesting $15 million to study the need for a Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP).

Supporters say these weapons might be necessary to deal with so-called “hard and deeply buried targets” in rogue states and terrorist camps, of which there might be 10,000 in the world.

Announcing its approval of the bill Friday, the Senate Armed Services committee stressed that nothing in the repeal means it has authorized “the testing, acquisition, or deployment of a low-yield nuclear weapon.”’s Jarrett Murphy takes a look at the prospects for the U.S. Nelson.

A memo obtained by a British newspaper indicates that at a conference this summer, Defense and Energy department officials will consider questions like: “What is the uncertainty in confidence and potential risk threshold for a test recommendation–what would demand a test?”

Last year, the U.S. In the modern U.S.

However, the administration is paying increasing attention to the possibility that it might at some point have to resume testing if there were a question about the reliability of the nation’s stockpile. — did not prohibit designing a testing device with a yield below five kilotons, modifying an existing weapon for safety reasons or conducting research and development necessary “to address proliferation concerns.”

“How can we effectively seek to dissuade others from developing nuclear weapons while we are going forward with the development of new nuclear weapons ourselves?” Sen. D. According to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the move “restores the nation’s ability to make nuclear weapons,” and was needed so the Energy Department could replace pits found unsafe or destroyed through regular check-ups.

Defense officials said in 2002 that at present, the U.S could go from the decision to test to a trial run in two to three years. arsenal. “Unless we do a lot more research and development and we find some quantum breakthrough in conventional systems, to go deep is going to require a nuclear capability.”

The ban — named after sponsors Elizabeth Furse, D-Ore., retired, and John Spratt, D-S.C. Crouch, the assistant secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, said in a briefing last year.

But some experts contend that no bomb of any size could go very deep, because the heavier the bomb, the harder the impact — and the harder the impact, the more likely the bomb would explode before it reached sufficient depth.

Testing — The U.S. Last May, he and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to slash their active arsenals by nearly two-thirds, to 1700 to 2200 warheads each, within 10 years. has signed but not ratified — the administration says it has no plans to conduct a test. spent more in real terms on atomic defense activities than since 1962.

Strategy — In its Nuclear Posture Review last year, the administration identified Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, North Korea as countries where “contingencies” could arise that U.S. Other efforts include developing lasers and computers to simulate aspects of nuclear tests.

Nuclear Stockpiles: President Bush has agreed to dramatic reductions in the number of nuclear weapons in the U.S. Edward Kennedy, the administration has budgeted $700 million for studying how testing might resume. arsenal, the submarine-launched Mk-5 holds eight W88 warheads of 475 kilotons each.

“Nuclear weapons have a unique ability to destroy both agent containers and (Chemical and Biological Weapons),” reads a 2001 Pentagon study.

Copyright 2003 CBS. Five people watching the surf from Hurricane Bill were swept out to sea at Acadia National Park in Maine. “nuclear strike capabilities” must be geared towards, according to a leaked copy of the report.

The 1993 low-yield ban that the current defense bill would delete stated that “it shall be the policy of the United States not to conduct research and development which could lead to the production by the United States of a new low-yield nuclear weapon, including a precision low-yield warhead.”

But some members of Congress believe conventional weapons could do the same job, and worry that mini-nukes would blur the line between conventional and nuclear weapons. “If you were to have a problem with a weapon system that you needed to rectify using a test, you would want to be able to do that faster,” J. Duncan Hunter, R.-Calif., last May

U.S. Tomahawk Missiles Deployed Near China Send Message. Is this considered a threat to the Chinese government ?

Florida surfaced, also on the same day, at the joint U.S.-British naval base on Diego Garcia, a flyspeck of an island in the Indian Ocean. A new class of U.S. military has used repeatedly against targets in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq and Sudan. (See pictures of the U.S. U.S.S. Four of the 18 ballistic-missile subs no longer carry nuclear-tipped Trident missiles. But the Tomahawk-outfitted quartet carries a weapon that the U.S. It was an Ohio-class submarine, which for decades carried only nuclear missiles targeted against the Soviet Union, and then Russia. “There is no doubt that China will stand up and take notice.”

Their capability makes watching these particular submarines especially interesting.

That’s why alarm bells would have sounded in Beijing on June 28 when the Tomahawk-laden 560-ft. in its neighborhood. And the Klaxons would have maxed out as the U.S.S. superweapon had suddenly surfaced nearby. The 14 Trident-carrying subs are useful in the unlikely event of a nuclear Armageddon, and Russia remains their prime target. But this one was different: for nearly three years, the U.S.

If China’s satellites and spies were working properly, there would have been a flood of unsettling intelligence flowing into the Beijing headquarters of the Chinese navy last week. Michigan arrived in Pusan, South Korea, on the same day. More alarms were likely sounded when the U.S.S. military in the Pacific.)

Source : “There’s been a decision to bolster our forces in the Pacific,” says Bonnie Glaser, a China expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. Navy has been dispatching modified “boomers” to who knows where (they do travel underwater, after all). Ohio popped up in the Philippines’ Subic Bay. Instead, they hold up to 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles each, capable of hitting anything within 1,000 miles with non-nuclear warheads. In all, the Chinese military awoke to find as many as 462 new Tomahawks deployed by the U.S


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Kristian Nylén, CEO Kambi.

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What if JFK Lived? Vietnam, President Cheney and a 21st Century War with the USSR? | Anthony Lappe

Hoover is forced to resign. The “Cold War,” dormant since the 60s, heats up again.

November 1965. The second slices through his neck.  The Reagan Revolution never happened. When Kennedy is reelected by a landslide in 1964, he pledges to support the black cause. No body bags coming back. The terrorists are communists, trained in the USSR.         </p>
<p>A Different 60s</p>
<p>The president is able to avert a more serious conflict as Vice President Johnson brokers a deal in 1968 that brings civil rights legislation to pass while placating the southern states. Secretary of Defense refuses to deny that the Pentagon is increasing the flow of covert arms to insurgents in the Soviet Union.  When his car careened off the bridge, there were agents on the scene to save Mary Jo Kopechne, avoiding the tragedy that might have doomed Edward’s presidential hopes.**</p>
<p>* The idea that JFK’s back brace enabled the kill shot was first proposed by one of the residents who treated JFK’s wounds, and was recounted by presidential historian Robert Dallek in his book An Unfinished Life: John F. Without the war, here is no Woodstock and the counter-culture gets subsumed by the Kennedy’s New Frontier ethos. </p>
<p>The New Cold War</p>
<p>FBI director J. The president’s limo rounds the corner in Dealey Plaza and shots ring out. </p>
<p>Commentators call it the “Martyr’s Mandate” as he pushes forward a new foreign policy agenda that calls for the launch of disarmament talks with the Soviets and an increase in official communication and cultural exchanges.</p>
<p>The late 60s are a time of earnestness.  </p>
<p>Hardliners have seized power in the Soviet Union. Without the war, there is no Woodstock and the counterculture gets subsumed by the Kennedys’ New Frontier ethos. There’s a tense stand off between U.S.  He swims to the surface and scrambles ashore, where our host stands silently, watching the car sink. and the USSR are once again at a nuclear standoff.  Cheney sends troops to Egypt when Muslim extremists assassinate our ally Anwar Sadat and U.S. Hundreds are killed. Join me in the way-back machine for a thought experiment in JFK alternate history: </p>
<p>The scandal widens when the White House attempts a coverup. </p>
<p>The blood-soaked First Lady emerges as a hero. was never going to amount to much.</p>
<p>December 31, 1999. But there’s another reason why JFK survived that day. A war in the Middle East disrupts the economy, and the U.S.  </p>
<p>But everything JFK would try to do would almost be derailed by a scandal that nearly destroys the Kennedy legacy. is about to go to war with a still-kicking Soviet Union? JFK WTF? you say. A crane breaks and drops a load of lumbar in the sand. When a march on Jackson, Mississippi is met with extreme violence from local police and KKK members, riots engulf southern cities. And in 1972, a tough talking young Republican star named Richard Cheney is elected president, pledging fiscal conservatism and a strong global military presence. army troops and local police. He doesn’t resign, and gives one of the most emotional speeches in American history as he asks for forgiveness and urges Americans to look to the future. He wrote the graphic novel “Shooting War,” and produced the award-winning Showtime Iraq war documentary, “BattleGround.” He has appeared on numerous media outlets, including the BBC, NPR, CBC and Radio Havana. Kennedy: An Alternate History.</p>
<p>As the motorcade makes its way through Dallas, adoring crowds line the route.  It’s the turn of the century. A large portion of the public is appalled, and dramatic hearings begin.  A poster in a New York subway station reads: “If you see something, say something,” above a picture of a sneaky Trotsky-esque character wearing a Soviet beret and a backpack. What may seem like a miracle in the present might have long term consequences no one can predict. He is clinically dead for several minutes before dramatically being revived as live TV cameras report from outside the hospital. Well, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Like Watergate, the coverup proves worse than the original crime. </p>
<p>Without the Vietnam War, the landscape of America in the 1960s is radically different. His closest advisors would later reveal if he had been wearing the brace he normally wore to aid with his ailing back, he wouldn’t have slumped down after being hit, and the third shot would have taken half his head off.*</p>
<p>** Jeff Greenfield first posited a similar twist on Ted Kennedy’s fate in his book If Kennedy Lived: The First and Second Terms of President John F. There is no draft. It’s November 22, 2013.</p>
<p><img src=

A Re-imagined 70s

Surviving the assassination has a powerful psychological effect on him. The younger brother is viewed as the straight-laced sibling with all of his brother’s idealism but without the personal faults. He reaches out to southern racists and mob associates in secret meetings to plot against Kennedy and leaders such as MLK Jr. Kennedy. Kennedy, 1917-1963.

January 1973. </p>
<p>Anthony Lappé is a NY-based author, television producer and media commentator. A potbellied team manger leaps from the dugout, tossing his beer down, and angrily rushes at home base to yell at the umpire over a called third strike. Aides warn he’s moving too fast — that the south will buck at being forced to integrate by an elitist Catholic chief executive. The U.S. He is currently a consultant for the National Geographic Channel and a freelance producer for Radical Media. Is it plausible? That’s for you to decide. </p>
<p><img class=

When Afghanistan falls to indigenous rebels, the Soviets, seeing America’s problems in Egypt, decide not to invade, instead preferring to focus on solidifying control of the existing satellite republics. Beaumont, Texas.” width=”52″ height=”52″/>

A minor league baseball stadium.

A respected columnist reports the true extent of JFK’s chronic health problems, which first surfaced in the wake of the assassination attempt. The U.S. They establish radical anti-capitalist training camps in the USSR’s Central Asian Republics. He even hints that he has damaging evidence on the Kennedy brothers. is plunged into recession. As he slumps down in his seat a third whizzes by his head, missing by inches. JFK’s numerous extramarital affairs are revealed when the Washington press corps turns on the administration.

November 22, 2013: Terrorists have hijacked a passenger plane and have flown them into an American military base in Europe. The FBI begins an aggressive program to infiltrate and disrupt the civil rights movement with the aid of organized crime, who offer their aid in an effort to weaken their mutual arch-enemy, Attorney General Robert F. But the truth is that history is a dialectic. But the country is in flames. The driver tries to free her, but can’t. The president is gravely wounded. He begins speaking in stark terms about the need for world peace and a move away from violence as an instrument of foreign policy. But as the son of construction magnate Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, it was his destiny.

American troops are amassed at the border of a Central Asian republic. . Rock Roll becomes boring and American popular culture stagnates.

When President Kennedy arrives in Texas, he is three years into a tumultuous first term. And in 1972, a tough talking young Republican star named Richard Cheney is elected president, pledging fiscal conservatism and a strong global military presence.

When RFK announces he has invited a Soviet astronaut to the join an Apollo mission to the moon as a symbol of peace it’s the last straw for the FBI Director and other conservative plotters. The U.S. Washington, D.C.” width=”52″ height=”52″/>

RFK’s election victory over Herbert Hoover is short-lived. But JFK’s scandals ironically help RFK.

RFK’s victory over Hoover is short-lived. deploys 180,000 troops to allied nations bordering the Soviet Union. The Berlin Wall stands. is on the brink of war — not with with Muslim extremists, but with the Soviet Union. Saudi Arabia.” width=”52″ height=”52″/>

A strip mall is under construction in the desert. As the brother of a sitting president, Edward Kennedy has a mandatory 24-hour security detail.

In November 1968, RFK is elected president in a tight race against Richard Nixon. Troops mobilize on both sides. The Soviets warn that if the U.S. Edgar Hoover increasingly views JFK’s near-religious adoration among the public, his embrace of civil rights and push for rapprochement with the Soviets as a nothing less than a threat to the republic. He expands his already extensive spying operation on the White House. The foreman removes his hard hat and throws it in the sand, waving his fist at the heavens.

The New Terror

It’s the final act in a battle of political titans that would define the 60s. Now he feels as if he is on a spiritual mission to end the threat of global thermonuclear war. Meanwhile, reformers in the Soviet Union stay out of the fray, liberalizing their economy and expanding their oil infrastructure throughout Soviet Central Asia, bringing in much needed hard currency.

Psychologists would later note the president had been dodging death his whole life, from childhood health problems that forced him to spend two months in the Mayo Clinic to a World War II naval battle that nearly killed him. A rally on on the Berkeley campus takes a much different tone.

November 22, 1963

August 1997. And he releases information exposing the FBI director's longtime gambling habit, ties to organized crime, and even drops hints of his homosexuality. At first there are no takers.  </p>
<p>Hoover begins leaking wiretaps of MLK Jr. He had been keeping his own file on Hoover. It’s checkmate for the Kennedys. Nixon who had pledged an end to the racial turmoil, a law-and-order approach that respected southern traditions. A war in the Middle East disrupts the economy, and the U.S. Just as one butterfly flapping its proverbial wings might trigger a hurricane thousands of miles away, we never know what tiny decision in the moment might radically alter the course of history. The first bullet misses. Bush, Jr.  But the coming two decades prove difficult for the country.  </p>
<p>In 1980, Edward Kennedy is elected president, bringing the Kennedy legacy full circle. Relations between the Soviet Union and the U.S. A constitutional crisis erupts. </p>
<p>Of course, this is all one man’s fever dream.  Two men in black suits jump out and dive into the water, rescuing the young woman.  The U.S. Rock  roll becomes boring and American popular culture stagnates. to the press, urging them to take him down. The American public rallies behind the president with bipartisan zeal.</p>
<p>This week, we are all looking back at the terrible events that happened fifty years ago in Dallas. Our allies begin talking of boycotts of American goods, reminiscent of the global movement against Apartheid in South Africa. But many Americans still love the “martyr president” despite his transgressions, taking into account all he has endured for the nation.  The girl is trapped. is plunged into recession. Kennedy doesn’t have the skills of his Vice President when it comes to pushing legislation through Congress. George W. There is no proxy war in Afghanistan, and an international mujahadeen, and its consequent group Al Qaeda, never take shape.  And a reinvigorated Soviet Union is on the cusp of something big.</p>
<p>The Soviet Union is a powerhouse.  </p>
<p>The battle over Civil Rights becomes the central domestic issue. He has weathered six international crises, including a bungled invasion of Cuba, the erection of the Berlin Wall and a standoff with the Soviets over missiles that brought the human race to the brink of oblivion. No White House sending its young men to fight someone else’s war. But behind the scenes, storm clouds are gathering.  Suddenly, a black car screeches to a halt. does not withdraw, they will consider it an act of war. The First Lady desperately applies pressure to the wound as the limo speeds off. But what about looking back at what didn’t happen? What if JFK had survived that fateful day and went on to serve two terms as president? How might the 60s have been different, and how might it all have lead to a parallel universe present day in which the U.S</p>
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<article id=

Chelsea Clinton Is Wrecking Havoc at the Clinton Foundation

Many are leaving because of her “difficult” behavior, reports Page Six.

Several top staffers have left the foundation since Chelsea came onBoard as vice chairman in 2011.

Onetime CEO Bruce Lindsey was pushed upstairs to the position of chairman of the board two years ago, so that Chelsea could bring in her McKinsey colleague Eric Braverman.

Matt McKenna was Chelsea’s spokesman, and then he wasn’t. “He has six. That fantasy might actually exist, according to reports that Chelsea seems to be disturbing the balance of Clinton Foundation staff. Chelsea Clinton Is Wrecking Havoc at the Clinton Foundation

Chelsea Clinton Is Wrecking Havoc at the Clinton Foundation

With a name like Chelsea Clinton, you’d think that working at the Clinton Foundation would be a cakewalk–maybe popping in on Fridays with bagels and a friendly wave; approving office supply orders while you browse on Amazon; unlimited Seamless. Ginny Ehrlich, the founding CEO of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative, now works for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Chelsea has embraced all the trappings of a corporate CEO, with a personal staff almost as big as her father’s. Now he works for Uber. She has five,” said my source.

(Matt McKenna may work for Uber now, but he’s still very heavily connected to the Democratic Party and–no surprise–Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.)

Page Six also refers to the Clinton Foundation as a “bloated slush fund,” which sounds cool and frosty and like something you’d want to snack on in the warmer months.

Image via Getty

Survivor testifies about 2 friends stabbed, bound, thrown in river, in debt-driven slaying

Le was on parole in a New York manslaughter case when the Huynh brothers were killed, Assistant District Attorney Ed Cameron said.

She said her husband told her about the river killings and was stunned when she told him based on news reports that one man had survived.

. He said he simply did favors whenever his friend called. The other victim was his 28-year-old brother, Viet Huynh.

Police are not sure if Vu’s debt stemmed from the seized marijuana or $100,000 he had lost over six months at Harrah’s Casino in Chester, Homicide Detective Shawn Leahy said.

Voong said he arrived at the defendant’s house to find the brothers bound and badly beaten. 27 deaths.

In questioning from Le’s lawyer, Christopher Phillips, he said he did not belong to an Asian drug gang. Viet Huynh was stabbed 10 times and his brother 32 times, according to autopsy results. He says he used a rock to cut his wrist ties and crawled up the riverbank on Kelly Drive to get help.

But Le held his head in his hands as he listened, presumably for the first time, to the statement his wife gave police during his several months on the lam. “He then told me that he couldn’t return to Philadelphia because the cops would be looking for him.”

Le, with a shaved head and narrow goatee, stared intently at Voong during his long testimony.

Voong was nearly killed while trying to deliver some of the $100,000 that his friend Vu “Kevin” Huynh said he owed the defendant.

Tam Le, 41, faces a double-murder trial after a judge at Tuesday’s preliminary hearing upheld murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault and other charges for trial.

Authorities describe the 31-year-old Huynh as a popular singer in his native Vietnam and a heavy gambler who racked up a $100,000 debt at a casino near Philadelphia. That’s why he agreed to try to round up $100,000 for him that night, he said.

“Tam got real pale and was getting real nervous and saying he couldn’t believe someone survived,” Bich Vo testified. He had only been able to raise $40,000, but never got to deliver it before all three were put in a van and taken to the river.

PHILADELPHIA –  Tam Voong was not supposed to survive the night he was beaten, bound, stripped, stabbed in the neck and kicked into the Schuylkill River.

The slayings occurred two weeks after Vu Huynh and Voong and were arrested in upstate New York with more than 10 pounds of marijuana. She told them that they had taken their three young children, along with her older two, to Rochester, New York, after the Aug. Voong, who described himself as a former drug dealer, said he had also been kidnapped weeks earlier in a separate incident in South Philadelphia.

She said she thought the debt stemmed from $20,000 to $30,000 worth of used appliances her husband had sold the brothers. Both lived in Paoli, near Philadelphia, but traveled frequently to Vietnam, authorities said.

Yet the 23-year-old took the witness stand in Philadelphia on Tuesday and described the night his two friends lost their lives

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Macau: China’s gambling mecca desperately needs to diversify

but longer term investors should not abandon ship,” the analysts said. When the industry booms and tax revenue jumps, residents — most of whom are employed in the business — receive payouts from the government. The idea is to offer guests a more complete resort experience. It is also the only place in China where gambling is legal. Shares in the major casinos fell by 30% to 40% in just six months. The average minimum bet at non-VIP tables is around $250 — far beyond the reach of casual gamblers.

Looking ahead, analysts at CLSA expect Macau’s casino revenue to stabilize in the first half of 2015, and rebound in the second half of the year. Since 2002 its casino industry has grown into a $45 billion heavyweight, roughly seven times bigger than Las Vegas. Casinos in Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines are all working hard to attract Chinese gamblers.

The gambling dependence has drawn attention from the highest levels of Chinese government.

Related: Macau’s gambling industry dwarfs Vegas

The unexpected decline has set off alarm bells in Macau: Despite continued warnings, the territory has failed to diversify its economy beyond gambling, putting it at risk of an industry downturn.

But now gamblers are staying away for several reasons.

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The obvious starting point is for Macau to boost its entertainment and leisure options, which lag far behind the glitz, glam and family fun offered in Vegas. An intense anti-corruption campaign underway in Mainland China has made them wary about visiting casinos. The neighboring island of Hengqin, which is much larger in size than Macau, has caught Beijing’s attention as a prime development and diversification opportunity.

But more could be done, especially as other regional gambling destinations take aim at Macau. macau casino gambling

The decline accelerated through the end of 2014, culminating with a 30.4% revenue drop in December compared to the previous year.

During a December visit, President Xi Jinping encouraged Macanese leaders to expand beyond gambling and promote “appropriate diversification.”

“This is of great importance for the interests of the people of Macau,” Xi said.

Some developers have taken note, and are planning new malls and theaters.

CNNMoney (Hong Kong) January 21, 2015: 9:06 PM ET

. “Headwinds will persist …

Macau, like Hong Kong, is a Special Administrative Region of China.

Also, visas are in short supply, and some gamblers are upset by a new ban on smoking on playing floors.

More than 80% of government revenue comes directly from the casinos.

Should the good times resume, Macau would do well to invest the profits wisely.

As is, baccarat is the prime attraction in Macau, totaling more than 90% of casino game offerings.

Wynn Macau is building a 15,000 seat arena