How Web-based casinos are beating the odds -

English Harbour Casino Ltd., on the southern tip of the island, uses Deloitte Touche LLP, while Boss Casinos employs PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Terry Bowering has paid his $100,000 annual license fee to Antigua and scoffs at the idea that online casino executives run a crooked business, hide from the law or fleece naive Internet users.

Hiring programmers well-versed in Sun’s Java language is expensive but worth it, according to Weltman, 37. Her E-mail address is

Boss Casinos moved into a snow-white, five-story building — one of the tallest in this capital city — after Hurricane Georges blew the roof off its former quarters in September. GLC Ltd., which does business on the nearby island of St. JOHN’S, Antigua (IDG) — Here among the storefronts made of plywood and painted ice-pop colors, there grows a strain of electronic commerce that faces obstacles even couldn’t imagine. RELATED STORIES:

March 4, 1999

Webposted at 8:08 am EDT

Starnet wouldn’t mind being a takeover candidate for land-based casinos: “Once the smoke clears, they will look at a company like us to get them online,” Bowering said.

Meanwhile, Starnet and rival Inland Entertainment Corp. Moreover, the U.S. Nash

“Security we take quite seriously,” Bengtsson said. We’re the future. Wire transfers, credit cards, bank drafts, personal checks, electronic currency, even cash: They all are forms of payment acceptable at one gambling site or another.

They also must support many languages besides English to attract players in Europe and Asia, where online betting isn’t so legally iffy.

The four information technology people at Boss Casinos all are transplanted Swedes. “We deal with other people’s money and must have backup procedures and a fire-safe area and strict rules. We’re sticking to a marketing strategy and a business plan,” said Bowering, a 38-year-old former stock broker and financial consultant. It’s almost a bank.”

Software development costs are the biggest expense for Internet gambling firms. police say online gambling is illegal under a 38-year-old law — and they’re starting to prosecute. servers running Microsoft Corp.’s Windows NT process bettor payments. An estimated 200 Web sites currently lure surfers to virtual slot machines, craps and other Las Vegas-style games.

Managing risks — financial, legal and security — is what the business is all about. In fact, Antigua invites it.

by Kim S. Instead of having to download fat software files before playing, users spend one to three minutes installing various Java applets, he said.

Starnet, for example, posted $1.8 million in sales for its most recent quarter and showed $248,000 in profit. That’s different from, where “one customer buys two books, and it may [take] two or three weeks to deliver,” added Weltman, a former lottery company manager.

ST. “We’re not typical bookies. Gun-toting local police also watch the premises 12 hours a day.

Murphy says he sees himself as something of a cybercop, enforcing licensing laws and chasing away lawbreakers. There are too many other choices out there for players,” he said.

“We don’t sit here drinking umbrella drinks,” said Peter Bengtsson, managing director of Boss Casinos Ltd. Internet gambling operators must gird their sites for multiple simultaneous users who pound through rounds of blackjack and online roulette — at 40, 50 and 60 clicks per minute.



More than 1,200 registered players placed $3.1 million worth of wagers in GalaxiWorld’s first month in action. Inland isn’t profitable yet.


Playing by the rules

Nash is a Computerworld senior editor. The credit card, passport and other data requested of players “never leaves this building. in San Diego, which runs three online casinos, like to point out that they’re publicly traded firms that must report detailed company data.

Each of the 14 gambling executives interviewed by Computerworld claimed to be bringing a businessman’s order to the largely untested world of Internet wagering.

But as usual, the house is raking in the cash. So far, he’s collected $6 million to $7 million in license fees from the 32 online casinos and sports-betting sites he has sanctioned.


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Casino technology: Is IT in the cards?

New casino takes thin-client tack

A new year brings talk of new rules

Will Congress ban online gambling? (March 25, 1997)

Feds, states target online scams

Are you a Web junkie?. We’re MBAs.”

There’s just one problem: U.S. Page hits totaled 3.2 million.

So gambling entrepreneurs from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Israel and other countries have set down roots on Caribbean islands, particularly this one. Kitts, has spent $20 million in the past three years to set up its GalaxiWorld online casino, said Larry Weltman, chief financial officer at the company in Gibraltar, U.K.

“Gambling provides revenue to the country but also employment and indirect economic benefits,” said Vere Murphy, commissioner of the Free Trade and Processing Zone, which licenses and regulates Internet gambling companies here.

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Two Compaq Computer Corp. Online gambling is a $535 million industry worldwide that’s expected to grow to $10 billion in three years, according to Datamonitor PLC, a market researcher in London. Congress is expected to outlaw Internet casinos outright.

Gambling study: More women hitting the tables

February 8, 1999

Study says gambling starts early, linked to risky behavior

August 3, 1998

Perhaps most nettlesome are the financial transactions. Antigua is one of just a few countries to legalize online gambling. (Boss Casinos charges maintenance fees and takes an additional cut of the revenue from each client.)

For example, some companies have hired Big 5 accounting firms to sign off on their business plans and certify, as best they can, that the software is fair to players. police action.

Cost of doing business

Hitting the jackpot

Last year, Starnet’s casinos group saw 6 million hits daily; the average spent per bettor visit was $200, he said.

And doesn’t have to worry about how to pay out $50,000 jackpots.

“We gotta be fast. Bengtsson, a 30-year-old ex-blackjack dealer in banker’s clothes, runs Boss Casinos, which is one of the biggest online gambling operations here. Operations were down for more than two days.

“We’re pioneers. “We tried to recruit from locals but they don’t have the skills,” Bengtsson said.

For Bowering, vice president of offshore operations at Starnet Communications International Inc., Internet gambling is a legitimate form of electronic commerce that lawmakers just don’t understand.

In the new locale, Bengtsson plans to set up a locked and guarded server room in which to house six Sun Microsystems Inc. The company, which has headquarters in Sweden, employs 30 people locally, mostly in telephone support and risk analysis.

Even so, Starnet, which is based in Vancouver, B.C., is careful to do all bet-processing and money transactions on servers here to guard against Canadian and U.S. All staff is cleared by Interpol,” he said. servers, one for each of the gambling sites he runs for other companies.

Starnet Communications International Inc.

Inland Entertainment Corp.


“You play my game, and it’s a real live transaction taking place,” he said

Statistically best Premier League partnerships ever, with Arsenal & Chelsea legends vying for top spot

A look at the six best goal/assist combinations of all time in the Premier League, featuring great partnerships at the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea…

A surprise pairing, but Manchester City have found a lot of success through David Silva and Edin Dzeko’s combination play – even more than the duo you’d expect to see – Silva and Sergio Aguero, combining for fifteen goals in their time in English football.

Manchester City Jesus Navas David Silva Edin Dzeko

6) Edin Dzeko/David Silva – 15


Nine hidden Premier League stars who could be the next Harry Kane, featuring Arsenal duo Liverpool wonderkid

Team of the weekend – Arsenal trio feature!

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Best ways ensure you have joyful golf holiday

Once you’ve pleased your household, which could have got visited together with you, with all the thrilling joy regarding roller coasters, you are going to want to loosen up playing golf inside sunlitOrlando, fl,California.

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There isn’t any absence regarding playing golf classes so that you can check out, together with areas just like Orlando, fl, Nevada, and also Myrtle Seashore usually getting somebody to cook specifically to be able to players. In order to have better performance in the golf games, players have to use best golf clubs as Callaway X-24 HOT Irons. There exists a massive selection of diverse playing golf classes so that you can have a look at whilst in Myrtle Seashore. When it is possible to cater to these, since can since oneself, it’s going to help make the playing golf getaway excursion a lot more rewarding and also pleasurable for many.. In the event you take pleasure in the dash regarding wagering, have a look atNevada.

Best ways ensure you have joyful golf holiday 

Myrtle Seashore will be swiftly learning to be a very well-known holiday resort get-away regarding players around the world. Players often use Callaway Diablo Edge Driver in the golf training program.Orlando, fl will be well-known as a result of that getting your home regarding Disney Planet, yet you can also find numerous playing golf classes to take pleasure from. Unless you anticipate playing golf throughout the day, furthermore be sure that the positioning you might be browsing provides other pursuits so that you can take pleasure in. It’s also advisable to take into account the wants or perhaps wants with the kinds you may well be touring together with.

Be careful any time organizing your following playing golf getaway excursion: not merely anyplace provides a large amount of good quality playing golf classes so that you can check out. If you’d prefer sunshine, leisure, as well as the seashore brain regarding Myrtle Seashore. And it’s important for players to use best golf clubs as Callaway RAZR X Tour Irons in the golf games. Players have to choose the best golf clubs as Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Irons used in the golf games

Top 5 prediction for 2010/11 Premier League?

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Where are the Casino Jobs?

- $779.65 million

Boulder Strip, Las Vegas, Nev.

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, Nev. – $997.02 million

Biloxi, Miss. These employees make sure that casino guests are acting accordingly and that the day-to-day operations of the casino go smoothly.

The most popular jobs at a casino are those that deal with gambling. – $833.5 million

Shreveport, La. – $5.5 billion

Atlantic City, N.J. – $774.33 million

Top Five Regions for Casinos

According to PricewaterhouseCooper, the top five regions for casinos âEUR” based on projected 2011 revenue âEUR” include:

Macau, China – $28,379 million

Las Vegas, Nev., United States – $10,300 million

Singapore – $5,479 million

France – $3,957 million

Atlantic City, N.J., United States âEUR” $3,330 million

Australia – $2,847 million

South Korea – $2,512 million

Germany – $2,081 million

South Africa – $1,740 million

United Kingdom – $1,209 million

Poland – $1,126 million

Top 10 US Regions for Casinos

The top 10 regions in the United States for casinos âEUR” based on 2009 revenues âEUR” include:

Casinos also employ a number of behind-the-scenes employees, including everything from managers to cashiers to security guards. For instance, most casinos also house a hotel, restaurants, shopping areas, and an entertainment venue âEUR” all of which provide employment opportunities.

What Types of Casino Jobs Are There?

There are a ton of opportunities when it comes to casino jobs, both in terms of the positions available and where the jobs are located.

Where Should I Look for These Jobs?

There are many places to look for casino jobs, both in America and abroad. – $1.36 billion

St. In fact, many places throughout the world have become known solely for their high-class casinos and gambling industries (think Caesars Palace in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo in Monaco).. Casinos typically host a variety of games, including everything from blackjack and poker to craps and roulette to baccarat and slot machines. Louis, Mo. – $1.050 billion

Tunica Resorts, Miss. – $3.943 billion

Chicago, Ill. Casino employees are responsible for manning these games, except for slot machines, which are self-operated.

United States – $58,030 million

Asia Pacific – $41,259 million

Europe, Middle East, Africa – $16,452 million

Canada – $4,045 million

Latin America – $594 million

Top 11 Local Markets for Casinos

The top 11 local markets for casinos âEUR” based on projected 2011 revenue âEUR” include:

While casinos are mainly associated with the gambling activities that go on there, which is perhaps the biggest part of the casino business, there are usually many other aspects to a casino. – $2.092 billion

Connecticut – $1.448 billion

Detroit, Mich

The weekend that should have changed the Premier League… but didn’t

On Sunday, remarkably, it will be the rebuilding United who begin with the upper hand.

City arrived at Old Trafford two points clear of United at the top of the table. City had flexed its muscles in the most emphatic way possible to surge five points clear and, with an abundance of depth and quality, appeared poised to impose themselves on domestic and European football for years to come.

Terry successfully raised reasonable doubt in a court of law but was found guilty on the balance of probabilities by an FA independent panel. An angry and desperate United poured forward, only to leave itself open to further embarrassment on the counter-attack from Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko and a masterful David Silva.

It might have become a watershed moment. The visitor was left battered, bruised and trailing City by six points.

City’s 2014-15 season has echoes of 2012-13, when Ferguson orchestrated his dream farewell with the help of Robin van Persie before retiring that summer. Hoping to move one step closer to a first title since 2010, Chelsea travels to Loftus Road to take on struggling local rival QPR, before Manchester United host Manchester City with a top-four position, local pride and perhaps even Manuel Pellegrini’s job all on the line.

But the worst was yet to come. They had already eviscerated Tottenham at White Hart Lane two months earlier, but this was to be their most powerful statement performance under Roberto Mancini.

Ferdinand, demonized by Chelsea fans for a complaint he had not initiated, refused to shake Terry’s hand prior to a goalless draw at Loftus Road the following September and moved to Turkey on his release from QPR at the end of the season. Instead, the handling of the incident – both by Chelsea and the FA – always felt fudged and the consequences have been far-reaching.

Chelsea’s return to Loftus Road will bring no joy, regardless of whether it yields three points. A damning video emerged, tracking Terry in the moments after an altercation with Anton Ferdinand, to spark a lengthy court case and acrimonious Football Association investigation that left no winners and, coupled with the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra case, issued a timely reminder that football’s fight to eradicate racism was nowhere near won.

Racist abuse continues to blight football grounds and English football remains an environment in which the cards are stacked against black men acquiring coaching and executive jobs. Meanwhile, the championing of Terry for all the wrong reasons by racist Chelsea fans on the Paris metro in February raised, among others, fresh questions about the ethical viability of keeping a man with such a past at the heart of the club.

Manchester City’s 6-1 rout of Manchester United was supposed to herald a changing of the guard, while John Terry’s clash with Anton Ferdinand might have been a watershed moment.

The final score was 1-6 – United’s heaviest home defeat since February 1955. Older brother Rio, enduring a difficult end to a magnificent career, is likely to give Terry a similarly cold reception if he starts for QPR on Sunday.

These issues will endure regardless of what happens Sunday. He outlasted Balotelli, a talent overcome by temperament, sold to Milan just 13 months after his Old Trafford heroics and now finding himself in the wilderness at Liverpool. It was three-and-a-half years ago on the fourth weekend of October 2011, and it provides context both good and bad as two of the Premier League’s feistier fixtures align again.

Only it never quite happened. He forfeited the remainder of his England career but remained Chelsea captain, and the four-match ban handed down was more lenient than the one Jonny Evans is currently serving for spitting at Papiss Cisse.

At first glance it seemed unlikely events in west London would overshadow City’s astonishing rout of United earlier in the afternoon. Chelsea, under the divisive leadership of Andre Villas-Boas, showed little of the resilience and discipline that would characterize its miraculous Champions League triumph under Roberto Di Matteo just seven months later.

Mario Balotelli, leading the City line barely 12 hours after letting off fireworks in his bathroom, capped a brilliant display with a goal either side of halftime; the second coming after the Italian had tempted Jonny Evans into a red card challenge. Didier Drogba was dismissed for a two-footed lunge just eight minutes later and Chelsea’s hopes were shattered, even if the team did rally reasonably well with nine men after the break. The toxic legacy of the events of October 2011 still linger over this fixture, and will continue to do so as long as John Terry returns to captain the Blues at the home of their local rival.

Heidar Helguson scored an early penalty before Jose Bosingwa was shown a straight red card on 33 minutes for bringing down Shaun Wright Phillips as the last man. There should be goals, drama and controversy, just as there was the last time these four clubs shared the ‘Super Sunday’ stage. Seven months later Aguero delivered City’s first league title for 44 years in dramatic style and a cascade of goals secured another at the expense of Liverpool last May but, even as the balance of power has shifted in Manchester, those in blue have found true domination elusive. The Champions League quarterfinals remain a distant aspiration, while an aging spine including Vincent Kompany, Yaya Toure and Silva may have just blown its last chance to successfully defend the Premier League title.

This Sunday’s Premier League doubleheader will carry significance at both ends of the table. All we can hope for is that the reallignment of these two fixtures makes for the kind of Premier League day that leaves those watching amazed, rather than aghast.. Sir Alex Ferguson called it “the worst result in my history”

Horse Racing: Sir Percy ran up to Derby form in Dubai.

Byline: Lee Mottershead

SIR PERCY may not have won last weekend’s Dubai Sheema Classic but, in finishing fourth, the British star was every bit as good as when winning the Derby – and the Racing Post’s Flat handicapper believes he will soon be even better, writes Lee Mottershead.


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Even more impressive than Admire Moon was Asiatic Boy, whose UAE Derby-winning RPR of 121 bettered by 7lb the one managed by Discreet Cat a year ago.

“Asiatic Boy falls into the ‘could be anything’ category,” said Curtis. Even so, he earned an RPR of 121, which means he is quite a bit better than Discreet Cat was when he won the race last year.”

“As a race, the Sheema Classic is solid but not top-drawer Group 1 form as it was spoiled by a lack of pace. “It was a hard race to rate, as we don’t know enough about the second and third, and too many of the better horses did not run their races. Vengeance Of Rain ran to 122 but he ran to 125 in Hong Kong in December.”

International Zone, page 16

Copyright 2007 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

In finishing just under two lengths behind Vengeance Of Rain at Nad Al Sheba, Sir Percy achieved a Racing Post Rating of 121, the same mark he posted at Epsom. RPR handicapper Paul Curtis said: “Sir Percy has run to his Derby form and achieved the same rating, but I still feel that we will see better from him.

Dubai Duty Free hero Admire Moon, another winner for Asia on World Cup night, was described by Curtis as “a very good winner” after meriting an RPR of 127.

Improving Arsenal primed for top four challenge

Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez celebrates after scoring a goal during their English Premier League soccer match against Stoke City at the Emirates Stadium in London January 11, 2015.

Chilean Sanchez scored twice after Laurent Koscielny’s headed opener to avenge a humbling 3-2 defeat against the same opponents in December, their third loss in five matches, and fifth-placed Arsenal have won six and drawn one of their last eight games in all competitions.

Recent history suggests Arsenal finish the Premier League season strongly and a fairly kind fixture list over the next two months should give theme the momentum they have lacked so far.

“Alexis Sanchez is one of the best players. I didn’t even risk players like Ramsey who comes back from a muscular injury,” Wenger told Sky Sports.

Reuters/Eddie Keogh

Overlook the New Year’s Day defeat by top-four rivals Southampton and there is mounting evidence that the inconsistencies that plagued Arsenal during their worst ever start to a Premier League season seem to have, at least temporarily, evaporated.

During their recent improvement the Gunners have progressed in both the Champions League and FA Cup where they have been handed kind draws in the shape of AS Monaco and Brighton and Hove Albion respectively.

His 12 league goals and seven assists since joining from Barcelona represents the highest goal involvement of any Premier League player.

“We had (Mathieu) Flamini as well and (Joel) Campbell and we had plenty of top quality on the bench and that is course is lucky for a manager.”

LONDON (Reuters) – With the inspirational Alexis Sanchez in full flow, the treatment room emptying and a decent run of fixtures on the horizon, Arsenal seem to be priming themselves for another assault on the top four.

. He’s a fighter with a combination of talent and fighting spirit which is very difficult to find,” the Wenger said.

Manager Arsene Wenger had the luxury of naming the returning trio of Mesut Ozil, Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey on the bench against Stoke – as formidable a bench as any club could muster.

While they are still too prone to some feeble capitulations on the road, the way they breezed to a comfortable 3-0 victory at home to Stoke City on Sunday will help pacify those who have criticised manager Arsene Wenger this season.

(Reporting By Tom Hayward; editing by Martyn Herman)

“He plays with passion and you want people to enjoy what they’re doing on the pitch and show it as well.”

Arsenal were again led by the effervescent Sanchez who played with the refreshing zest and energy that is cementing reputation as one of the Premier League’s most feared attackers.

They visit champions Manchester City next weekend but thereafter five of the six teams they play are languishing in the bottom half of the table.

“That’s a luxury, I must say, when you have that quality on the bench

Australia Exporting Camels for Saudi Diners

Most of his ranchers ship their animals to neighboring Muslim countries like Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.

The camel has always been part of the traditional Muslim diet. Every year, hundreds of thousands of camels are slaughtered during the Muslim pilgrimage, or Hajj, in Mecca.

Seidel has even found a market in the United States, where they are usually used for leisure, in safari parks — but some are slaughtered for food.

The city of Minneapolis, on the windswept plains of the Midwest, contains America’s largest population of Somalis. And the Somalis, overwhelmingly Muslim, from a land just across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia, love their camel.

Randy Weinstein, of RW Meats in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington, provides most of the stores in the area with their supply — from Australia as well.

Camel Shortage in Saudi Arabia?

Plus, Seidel said, Australia has the world’s only remaining herds of wild camel. In some places, they’re becoming a nuisance.. “It’s all very much the same.”

The Saudi camels are the equivalent of thoroughbreds, he said, while the ones in Australia are like draft horses. But there’s very little difference in the taste of the animals — thoroughbred or draft, Bactrian or Dromedary, Seidel said. The Bactrian, or two-humped camels are found mostly in Central Asia.

One of the largest camel-consuming populations in the United States is located about as far as you can get from the sandy, sunny dunes of the Arabian peninsula.

Fresh Hump Today

And this month, the ranchers of Oz gained the most obvious, but perhaps unlikely of customers when they shipped 119 animals from the northern port city of Darwin to the desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He was laughed at then, but his prediction largely rings true today, as the desert nomads that once relied on the camels settled down, and replaced their animals with planes, trains and automobiles.

From crocodile ranches to emu farms, Australia has a well-established reputation in raising exotic meats. “What we have today is the direct descendants of those,” Seidel said.

Australia’s camels were brought over from Northern India in the 19th century for use in pioneering its arid back country, he said.

Today, Australia has a population of 500,000 camels. John Philby predicted the camel would disappear from Arabia in 30 years.

At the wholesale price of $3.50 per pound, camel is a specialty meat — expensive compared to other traditional favorites, like goat, which costs about $1.20 per pound, Weinstein said. In the rest of the world, camels are domesticated and managed in private herds.

Shortly before he died in 1960, the famous English explorer St. Both countries’ camels are the dromedary, one-humped camels. But for the Somalis, he said, “it’s a taste of home.”

When the explorers were done with the animals, they let the entire population of 20,000 into the wild. Now it seems the Land Down Under is branching out into another market: camels.

Peter Seidel, the executive officer of the Central Australian Camel Association, told while camels still exist in Saudi Arabia, they are largely bred for racing.

The Saudis traditionally imported camels from North Africa, but various factors, including disease, drought and political instability led them to look elsewhere.

But Seidel’s organization has found a market for them

Tough stretch more about mental edge

He looks very confident and relaxed and that came right at the right time for the Gunners. That was a good show for them against Stoke City on Sunday and while they’re not in the running, they may have stabilized things a bit over at White Hart Lane and can now start to build. When you get a result like the one against Hull, the old heads have to be coming together and saying, right, we’re putting that to bed and focusing on the next game. They have a lot of quality, and if they can just keep playing like they do at home in every game, Manuel Pellegrini’s men will win the title. I’m disappointed of course for my team — I thought Newcastle very well and deserved a share of the points — but credit Arsenal for showing some toughness and grinding it out.

The Red Devils now will be playing catch-up. They’re very outside, but they will shock some teams and you have to watch out for them.

We’ve got a huge card coming up New Year’s Day, with a big test for Manchester United at home against Tottenham. Without Sergio Aguero, the Sky Blues just kept on going, and you see how much it helps to have a man like Edin Dzeko on your bench. They are one or two players short and while they looked positive in defeat, expect Brendan Rodgers now to go to the owners and say, “look, this is where we’re short.” They were a year away when the season started and they have done very well, but this week just reinforced the need to add those key players in the off-season.

As always, please do take a moment to follow me on Twitter at @WarrenBarton2 ; I love chatting with all of you. Chelsea , Manchester City and Manchester United all got what they had to as well this past week, and this signals that there will be some twists to come down the road, but it’s now a fight among these four.

Similarly, City didn’t skip a beat. That’s a damaging result, there’s no question, but it’s your calmness and your experience that will see you through it. He is experienced, he’s well-liked and well-respected, and he can help them steady things. It’s a great time for the fans, but it’s hard time for the players, and we’ve seen this week is proof of that.

Video: Wenger credits Arsenal spirit for Newcastle win

The team that looks in trouble of course is Fulham . Don’t miss that one and do check your TV guides for the listing in your area.

This is the time of year where champions grind out results. It’s winning football and helps explain how much the physical aspect of the game influences results. I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year and thank you as always for reading.

We need to start with Arsenal , who got two impressive results — not performances, mind you, but results — and now we’ve got a good race on again. Like City, United took care of business and did what they needed to do to get the points. You just get the points and get out, and considering they went to Norwich City with that squad and pulled it out, David Moyes will be pretty pleased. That was a very difficult situation, and right now, it looks like they’ve come through it, so credit where it is due.. ET ), and that should be a real cracker. You can also always ask a question to any of us at @FOXSoccer or @FOXSoccerDaily . The holiday period is more about psychology than technique, and I can tell you that when I went through this time in the calendar, we were always told to put the last result to bed, focus on getting the points, and catching your breath at the other end. That’s why it’s important that Clint Dempsey is coming back in there. And I’ve been where they are right now as well. Jose Mourinho has them playing a very organized, very conservative game that will not win fans over but it is really suited to this time of year. Just like United, it’s not flamboyant, but it’s grinding out that result even when you don’t play well.

Chelsea just look like the Chelsea of old. Mourinho’s team is very good at keeping opponents off balance, and they are the other team you have to keep an eye to win the crown.

Arsenal did what they had to do against West Ham and my Newcastle , and we must point to Theo Walcott as the spark plug. We’ve got a massive game between Arsenal and Tottenham on the network Jan.

Liverpool came off the worst but this was expected. Sure, the Spurs are not title contenders but you have to be pleased for both Les Ferdinand, who I played with, and Tim Sherwood, who I’ve known since he was a young lad. We’ve looked forward to this date on the calendar when I was a player because if you’re in the top half by this point, you’ve got a good shot at claiming a European place. Both teams need the points, and both clubs will be feeling as if they can take them. It’s not fancy, but again, at this time of the year, you don’t have to be. 4 ( live, FOX, 12:30 p.m. He knows what he’s walking into and he will have a real positive impact.

Video: Pellegrini never doubted Manchester City’s victory

In addition, Tottenham deserves a similar nod this weekend. On the flip side, if you’re in the bottom half, you feel that you’ve turned the page on last year and can turn it around.

And of course after that, the FA Cup comes to FOX